The LPSO recognizes the importance of a comprehensive training program that provides consistent and realistic training for its deputies. LPSO deputies face many challenges during the course of the performance of their duties. It is the goal of the LPSOTC to ensure that when a deputy is faced with these challenges, it will not be for the first time. This can only be accomplished by providing realistic scenarios in a controlled and well-supervised training environment.

The LPSO Training Center is designed to accommodate many different areas of instruction. It is comprised of a 150 capacity classroom and a 50 capacity classroom, both with audio and video capabilities including Power Point, VCR, slide projector, and overhead projector presentations. Firearms training is conducted on a 50-yard range with 20 shooting stations, a 100-yard combat course, and a 300-yard rifle range. The Training Center is also the venue for K-9, SRT and Physical Fitness Training.

The LPSO Training Center operates under the direction of the Training Coordinator, as well as Training Officers under his command. Their primary responsibility is to provide and coordinate pre-employment testing, and basic and in-service training programs for all LPSO employees, as well as other law enforcement agencies in and around Livingston Parish.

The majority of the training is supervised by LPSO instructors and covers a variety of disciplines including Firearms, Self Defense, Freeze+P, Defensive and Tactical Driving, Radar Certification, Physical Fitness and many other fields of specialized training that will assist the deputies in the performance of their duties.

Along with individual specialized training classes, the LPSOTC conducts in-service training on a monthly and bi-monthly basis. Once every two months, deputies are required to report to the Training Center for specialized training. Primarily consisting of firearms training, bi-monthly training addresses specific tactical situations that deputies may find themselves in during the course of their duties; situations such as shooting out of and into moving and stationary vehicles, multiple targets, moving targets, night firing, building entry, felony stops, and a variety of other realistic training scenarios. It is the policy of the LPSO to meet the P.O.S.T. firearms qualification standards twice annually. Qualifying is usually done during bi-monthly training.

It is the goal of the LPSOTC to keep abreast of the latest training technology and techniques available to law enforcement and utilize them in providing a comprehensive training program that will prepare the deputies for the task at hand and provide the citizens of Livingston Parish with the professional law enforcement services they deserve.