Jim Brown-Warden
 Gary Coates-Assistant Warden

The Livingston Parish Detention Center opened in early 2009 as a tobacco free facility with an operational capacity exceeding 600 inmates. The facility houses both male and female inmates. The facility holds both pre-trial and state inmates. Many of the state inmates serve as inmate workers which saves the parish money by utilizing the inmates acquired skills. They are utilized in many areas including at the detention center, courthouse, training center, as well as litter abatement crews helping to keep our parish roads and highways clean.

The detention center features up-to-date audio/visual security equipment and is surrounded by a ten-foot fence topped with razor wire. All persons entering the facility are subject to search and are not allowed to bring any personal items into the facility.

The facility is staffed with seventy Deputies working both on-shift and in support roles and has a full time medical staff provided by the Parish Government. Inmates are provided with food, clothing, toiletries, medications and other health care services as needed. In addition, the detention center offers various educational/religious services to assist all inmates in their rehabilitation needs while incarcerated and for their eventual re-entry into the community.

Each inmate is provided a copy of the inmate handbook at the time of booking which describes in depth the rules and regulations as well as other pertinent information they may need to successfully complete their time of incarceration such as; inmate account information, commissary, inmate mail and visitation.

Inmate Accounts: Friends and family may deposit money into an inmate's account at any time via the internet at www.jpay.com, telephone at 1-800-574-5729 or in person by using the kiosk system located in the main lobby. Deposits may be made using cash, credit or debit cards ONLY.

Commissary Services: The detention center offers a commissary service which affords the opportunity for inmates to purchase various facility approved items such as hygiene items, food items, and clothing. Inmate orders are placed on Monday mornings.

Inmate Mail: Inmates receive mail Monday through Friday excluding recognized holidays. Any items received that are not approved for inmate possession will be returned to sender at the inmate's expense or will be destroyed. Inmates are not allowed to receive cash money, money orders or any type of financial instrument through the mail. They may receive letters, legal correspondence, up to five (5) photographs that do not depict nudity or sexual activity and/or standard greeting cards (Birthday, etc.). No cards containing wires, musical implants, ect.. will be accepted. All inmate mail should be addressed as follows:

Inmate's Name-DOC number(If known)
Livingston Parish Detention Center
P.O. Box 1000
Livingston, LA 70754

Inmates are not allowed to send or receive mail from another inmate within the Livingston Parish Detention Center or any other correctional facilty. Any attempts to send items determined to be contraband are subject to arrest pursuant to LA R.S. 14:402

Inmate Visitation: Inmates are allowed one (1) visit per week Monday through Friday between 8:30am and 3:30pm using the video visitation equipment installed for this purpose. Visitors must present a picture I.D. and those visitors under the age of seventeen(17) must be accompanied by an adult. Visitors under the age of fifteen (15) will not be required to have a picture I.D. Visitors are not allowed to bring ANY items into the visitation area such as; food or drink, cell phones, cameras, purses, diaper bags, etc. All vistiors are subject to reasonable search within the boundries of the Detention Center pursuant to LA R.S. 14:402.

It is the goal of the Livingston Parish Detention Center to return inmates to the community in no worse condition than when they were committed to our custody. We will strive to return inmates in better condition, physically and emotionally, and to encourage convicted offenders not to repeat their criminal activity.