stancarpenterStan Carpenter-Chief of Detectives

The majority of reports generated by LPSO deputies are sent on to the Detective Division for investigation, with the detectives handling cases ranging from misdemeanor thefts to homicides. The Division is staffed by 11 detectives, eight serving as general detectives handling all types of cases and three detectives working exclusively as narcotics detectives. One of the narcotics officers works as part of a tri-parish law enforcement team with officers from Tangipahoa and St. Helena Parishes.

Responsibilities of the detectives include securing crime scenes, collecting evidence and interviewing suspects and witnesses. They work closely with road patrol officers, crime lab personnel, the Parish Coroner and the District Attorney. One of their major responsibilities is preparing the case for court and testifying in trials.

The detectives have all had at least five years of experience as a road patrol officer and have completed a variety of law enforcement training programs focused on homicides, forgeries, narcotics, sex crimes and other topics.