Tax Office

marybethThe Sheriff is the ex-officio collector of state and parish and valorem taxes, property taxes, license fees, traffic fines and bond fees as provided by law. As tax collector, the Sheriff also conducts the sale of property for nonpayment of taxes. With a staff of eight full-time deputies in the Tax Collection Division, the Sheriff’s Office collected $45million in taxes and fees in 2010 along with $2.5 million in state revenue sharing reimbursements for state property taxes. These funds were disbursed to approximately 27 taxing districts.

“Our workload has grown tremendously over the past several years due to the increase in tax collections that have come as a result of the growth in the parish,” explains Mary Beth Salassi, a 19-year veteran of the Tax Collection Division. “The tickets have tripled and fines and bonds have increased, and we’ve added more staff members to keep up with the increased volume. We’re also in the process of implementing a new consolidated computer system for more efficient processing of fine and bond payments.”