Stan Carpenter-Supervisor

The work of the Juvenile Division of the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office goes beyond just dealing with criminal cases involving children 16 years of age and under. The staff of four full-time juvenile officers spends much time working to resolve problems and prevent juvenile crimes, which also includes dealing with adults involved with juvenile matters.

The juvenile cases that are handled by the division include arrests for status offenses, which include not obeying the rules of the home, ungovernable behavior by juveniles, leaving the home without permission, etc. The criminal offenses handled by the juvenile division include batteries, thefts, and sex offenses with the juvenile offenders incarcerated at the Florida Parishes Juvenile Detention Center in Robert, Louisiana. On average each month, the juvenile officers make 24 arrests and handle another 15 “counsel and release” cases.

Juvenile offenders are entitled to a hearing before a judge within 72 hours of being charged. Juvenile court is held on Thursdays in the parish with District Judges presiding. Juvenile officers are required to attend the court sessions and are also responsible for transporting the juveniles to and from court appearances and the juvenile facilities.