Civil Division

mikeerwinMike Erwin-Supervisor

The primary role of the Civil Processing division is to process all the paperwork associated with court orders and civil warrants. These can include suits on open notes, primarily for mortgage payments, and orders pertaining to felony charges and child custody transfers.

“We have eight officers assigned to various areas throughout the parish who are supported by four in-office staff members." states Supervisor Mike Erwin.

Three staff members work in the Sheriff’s Sales office, handling an average of 80 Sheriff’s sales per month, as well as other seizures, including garnishments and evictions. They are responsible for preparing seizure notices and distributing them to the Civil Processing deputies to be served. They schedule the Sheriff’s sales and advertise them in the newspaper. These sales are held in the Courthouse lobby at the North Entrance. Sales are scheduled and conducted on Wednesday at 10am each week unless that day falls on a holiday.