The Livingston parish sheriff’s office welcomes one of it’s newest divisions, the aviation division.  The two helicopters were acquired through state and federal property control.  We applied for the aircraft in may of 1999, the two aircraft were donated to the Sheriff’s Office in early 2007.  The two aircraft are Bell OH-58’s dubbed Air1 and Air2.  Both aircraft are airworthy, but Air1 is the primary ship.  Air1 is equipped with FLIR (forward looking infrared radar), laser designator, video camera, and mapping system.  It also has a night sun and night vision capabilities, which makes it fully functional for all operations day or night.  Air1 also has state of the art navigational equipment, and communications equipment which allows us to communicate with all Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire and Rescue, Acadian Ambulance Service, and Homeland Security.  All of this necessary equipment was acquired through State and Federal Grant Money.  The Sheriff’s Office also has a new heliport to hanger the two aircraft, as well as an office inside the hanger where flight plans, briefings, and operation coordinations are conducted.  The heliport is registered with the F.A.A. and is complete with helipad lighting, as well as a rotating beacon donated by State D.O.T.D. Aviation Division.  The helipad was designed to accommodate air medivac, Coast Guard, and Military helicopters.  It has enough room to park up to five helicopters at one time to serve as a staging area during any emergency situation.  There are numerous Deputies who server as T.F.O. (Tactical Flight Officers).  Their job consists of all communications between air and ground units as well as operating the FLIR, video recordings of the flight, and creating a flight grid on the mapping system which gives the pilot his route of flight.  The two are aircraft are piloted by Chad West and Mike Erwin